Doing Things Differently

When we first started The Nash Bar Co, we intended to bring something to the world that we thought was needed - an all natural (like, actually), delicious bar with at least 20 grams of protein.

What we didn’t intend to do was create a unique way of doing business that works for us and our family, but the more we lean into our strengths, the more we have one forming.

Knowing from day one that without using artificial preservatives, the grocery store distribution game was out of the question. Nash Bars are best enjoyed earlier in their life and like any natural food will slightly change as time goes on. Having bars sitting in warehouses or on shelves at their peak freshness didn’t make sense, so we decided to focus on making them to order and shipping directly to customer's doors.

Once thought of as a weakness in our business and a bottleneck for growth, we now see as one of our biggest strengths. Instead of trying to play the mass-produced game, we are doubling down on quality and fresh, fast deliveries. The Nash Kitchen is more like your local bakery than it is your mega food production facility, and that’s exactly how we like it.

As we do continue to grow, we are not afraid of “closing the shop” in order to catch up and keep our quality where it needs to be. As a young family, we also know that taking some time away from the kitchen is not only inevitable, but important for sustaining our passion and creativity in the long run.

We truly appreciate your understanding and support for not only our product, but our vision for the business. The Nash Bar Co. is not your typical protein bar company and we don’t have typical protein bar customers - we have the best supporters and friends in the world.

We sincerely thank you and are excited to keep improving and moving forward together.

All The Best,
Chad & Hanna

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